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Conditions of Sale

1. Payment

A. The Goods are sold at the price in effect on the date of order.
B. A deposit of 50% of the total value is required for orders to be accepted.Where fitting is included in an order a 75% deposit of the total value is required.Deposits are non-refundable.
C. The balance must be paid before collection or delivery of Goods can occur. The Goods remain the property of the Company until the balance has been paid.
D. Cancellation
(1.) If the customer cancels an order the Company may at it’s option retain the deposit and / or claim damages for breach of contract.
(2.) If the customer fails to comply with the conditions as to Payment the company reserves the right to cancel the order and at it’s option retain the deposit and / or claim damages for breach of contract.

2. Supply of Goods

A. Goods supplied will be of merchantable quality. The Company may change the specification of Goods if necessary, provided they are of no lesser quality. Any goods supplied will be to the same general standard as those on display to the Public at the Company’s Showroom.
B. (1.) Complaint - If the customer should notice any defects in the Goods or believe that they do not comply with the description given, are not of merchantable quality or fit for the purpose supplied they should inform the Company immediately.
    (2.) On delivery or installation of Goods the customer shall have opportunity to examine the Goods.
    (3.) Where required the Company or it’s agents shall be allowed reasonable access to inspect the Goods that are the basis of the Complaint or that they are returned to the Company.
C. (1.) If it is agreed that the customer has reasonable grounds for Complaint the Company shall be allowed the opportunity to replace or repair the Goods that form the basis of the Complaint.
    (2.) If the customer is uncooperative with such requests the Company will cease to be liable for any costs, damages or other such claims against them relating to the complaint.
D. In terms of completing an order, the Company shall only be bound to complete and order to the description given within such order.
E. Whilst every effort is made to complete orders by the specified collection date the Company will accept no liability or claims for losses incurred as a result of delayed orders.

3. Fitting

Where appropriate:
A. All work will be carried out in professional manner. Any failure to do so accepted by the company shall be rectified.
B. The customer is responsible for clearing the site prior to fitting, arranging the repositioning of electrical points and connection or installation of electrical items.
C. Wardrobes require installation on bare floors. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for taking up and refitting of carpets.
D. No responsibility shall be taken for damage to pipe work, electric cables, conduit or under floor heating elements not visible, obviously marked out or not set deep enough in sub floors or plasterwork.

4. Force Majeure

In the event of any circumstances, contingency or force majeure occurring beyond the control of the Company preventing, impelling or interfering with the dispatch of the whole or any part of the Goods, the Company reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel delivery without incurring any liability for any direct or consequential loss, injury or damage which may be caused or sustained by the Customer and/or any third party in consequence of any such suspension and/or cancellation.

5. General

A. We accept no liability for unsigned orders.
B. Customer’s who re-order are advised to do so as soon as possible as we may discontinue lines at short notice. It is also their responsibility for the customer to provide the Vinyl Colour and Style Numbers.
C. All doors will have hinge holes drilled at the standard measurements unless otherwise stated.
D. For the purposes of quality control and to clarify merchantable quality all goods will be deemed fit for sale if no defects are visible from a distance of one metre.
E. We require customers to collect their Goods within six weeks of ordering.