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So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to work from home, or maybe you have been doing it for a while but your desk in the corner of the spare room just isn’t quite cutting it. Creating a space that stimulates productivity is essential when creating your home office. It’s got to be somewhere where you’re happy to be and it needs to be organised, clean, well lit and ergonomic. If you’re looking to create an inspirational office space in the comfort of your own home then read on…The roomSo first things first - you need to decide which room in the house you’re going to convert. Ideally, it needs..
The meaning of colours derives from the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, a set of rules and ideas of how the arrangement and orientation of an environment can affect the flow of energy, known as the “chi”. It’s a fascinating idea and is certainly one for consideration when re-decorating and organising the house...Choosing the right colour scheme is so important for any room; but in your bedroom as well as being aesthetically pleasing the colours you choose should promote peace and tranquillity in order to give you a space of relaxation. This blog post is all about choosing these peace-promotin..
How to Create a Hotel Haven in Your Bedroom
We all love the luxury of staying in a hotel for the night; the beautiful décor, plush bedding and the fact that the kettle is only ever 5 steps away. It’s the ultimate layout for complete relaxation. So why not create this calming environment for ourselves at home? Henry Charles has some tips for you - some small changes, and some a little bigger, to help you create your own hotel-haven bedroom. 1. Less is moreEver noticed how clean cut and minimalistic hotel rooms are? You don’t tend to find last weeks ironing pile stacked in the corner or that exercise bike that you bought 5 years ago s..
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