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Feng Shui: Colours that Promote Peace and Tranquility in the Bedroom

The meaning of colours derives from the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, a set of rules and ideas of how the arrangement and orientation of an environment can affect the flow of energy, known as the “chi”. It’s a fascinating idea and is certainly one for consideration when re-decorating and organising the house...

Choosing the right colour scheme is so important for any room; but in your bedroom as well as being aesthetically pleasing the colours you choose should promote peace and tranquillity in order to give you a space of relaxation. This blog post is all about choosing these peace-promoting colours and a few little handy décor tips too!


Colours to avoid

It’s probably easier to start off by explaining the colours that are best to avoid in a bedroom; that’s not to say they can’t be used elsewhere in the house.


Perhaps you saw this one coming... Red is one of the most stimulating colours and can often invoke feelings of anger; not something you want to feel just before you close your eyes at night. If you just love the colour red too much for it not to feature in your bedroom, try using accents of red in things like ornaments and lampshades rather than large splashes of it on the wall.


In a similar fashion to red, yellow is also a very stimulating colour. It is often related to stimulating intellectual thoughts so it’s not suitable for the room where you want to unwind. WhiteHaving splashes of white in your bedroom is a great idea to create a light and airy space to sleep in, however, too much white can make the area seem too clinical.

Colours to Include


A light shade of green helps to promote calmness making it a great choice of bedroom décor. Team a sage green with cream or white to create a country-cottage inspired bedroom or use splashes of lime green for an ultra-modern look.


Perhaps one of the more obvious choices, the colour blue is renowned for promoting peace and tranquillity. Avoid painting the walls in dark blue as it can often be too dominating. Try opting for a light shade of blue as your main bedroom colour and add in accents of navy to create depth.


The colour pink radiates warmth and affection and there are many different shades of pink to choose from. Pink and grey work really well together as the grey adds that edge of masculinity. For a very feminine look add in splashes of gold and crisp white.

Some other quick and handy feng shui tips for your bedroom:

Avoid electrical items – as much as having a television in a bedroom seems like a good choice, according to the rules of Feng Shui these items radiate energies that can interrupt a peaceful night’s sleep

• Lighting – having several layers of lighting in your bedroom means you can adjust it to your liking. Using dimmer switches is a quick and easy way of creating several layers with just one light fitting. Candles are also a great choice of lighting as they use no electricity. 

• Air – make a conscious effort to open your bedroom windows in the morning whilst you’re getting ready, this will promote the flow of oxygen and get rid of any pollutants in the atmosphere

Following these steps will help you create a calm, peaceful and relaxing environment to sleep in – making sure you wake up refreshed and ready for whatever the day has in store…